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当たり前に世界を意識する!世界に出ても負けない子どもに育てる! *

当たり前に世界を意識する!世界に出ても負けない子どもに育てる! *
奈良育英小学校は玉井式の共同事業で生まれ変わります 奈良育英小学校は玉井式の共同事業で生まれ変わります

Our teaching policies

4つのCと1つのI これからの時代に求められる身につけるべきチカラ これからの時代に求められる身につけるべきチカラ
01 creativity

to create standards for the future.



From grade 1 to grade 6, students study systematically. An academic framework that surpasses “conventional” science. At our overnight event, we have two grades of students work together so that we can cultivate an interest in science. For the lower grades, we encourage the students to take an interest in the nature around them and to observe the changes in nature throughout the seasons. This knowledge can be used for future experiments, horticulture, and to foster creativity. For the upper grades, building on the skills acquired in lower grades, the students will inquire into environmental issues and develop the ability to think scientifically and express the issues in scientific terms.


Arts, Crafts and Music are taught under the Art Curriculum. While each are taught by highly specialized teachers, the entry level program focuses on learning while having fun. After learning, students will be able to grasp the intention and characteristics of various artforms. Students will enjoy expressing themselves in their own way. Through "Crafts" students create individual work and through "Music" they will improve their musical skills to aim for the school musical production and performance.
02 critical thinking


to objectively analyze and think independently.



Starting from 2021, we will provide a tablet to each student. The tablets will not only be used for ICT lessons, but for other subjects as well. Students will use it for input (searching for information and images) processing (summarizing the information gathered as groups) and output (presenting their work in class.)
国語的算数教室® 動画のサムネイル

(Mathematics with reading comprehension)

Foster the skills to imagine and think through math problems and complex sentences.
In our "M.R.C." lessons, we use a digital whiteboard and solve the written problems through engaging activities. From the stage of “solving the problem alongside the video” to the stage of "comprehending by reading", students will naturally foster the skill of comprehension and imagination.
国語的算数教室® 動画のサムネイル

(Science with descriptive writing)

To strengthen the ability to describe and answer from learned knowledge.
In "S.D.W.", we nourish the skill to independently think, answer, and describe it's reasoning. Through the thought process of "Huh?", "Uh-huh", "Ah got it", knowledges are embedded as a memory, leading to the creation of new neural pathways. Students will be able to comprehend the problem, conceptualize it mentally, and rationally think/describe using words. That is what makes "S.D.W." unique.
03 communication

Students will learn to express their own opinions clearly, while

respecting the opinions of others.



Fifth and sixth graders will naturally increase their knowledge of social studies, but they will also nurture a habit of developing their own opinions and making good judgements when it comes to course content and current affairs. Students will also have opportunities to debate and exchange their opinions constructively. On such occasions, they will make use of ICT to collect data and communicate their ideas effectively.
Speak Personal 01
Speak Personal 02 Speak Out 01
Speak Out 02


For many years in Nara Ikuei Elementary school, we not only provide language arts, we implement Tamaishiki MRC (Math with reading comprehension) and our strength, hands-on learning to nourish students' ability to express themselves through their native tongue.
And in order to reflect the improvements in language art directly to English and further strengthen the English skills, we utilize the online to connect with students overseas, such as India and Malaysia, and provide opporunity to converse one-on-one with teachers from the Phillipines.

■Speak Out Personal

Each lesson is divided into two parts; a group lesson conducted by a Japanese teacher, and one-on-one conversation with a Filipino teacher. We ensure that the English language is retained by inputting with visual and auditory perceptions, then providing opportunity to output the newly obtained information with the one-on-one conversation.
Speak Personal 01 Speak Personal 02

■Speak Out Jr

Students connect globally with students overseas, in the same age group such as from India / Malaysia, using ZOOM. Students will first-handedly realize the necessity on learning English through connecting and having daily conversations with foreign students. While increasing culture awareness, they will inspire each other. Further we can expect the student's motivation to learn English grow exponentially.
Speak Out 01 Speak Out 02
04 collaboration

"Collaborators": Positively accepting other people's opinions,

values and cultures


Basic Advance

For Grade 1
We have a step up period for first graders that allows them to easily transition from school life in kindergarten and pre-school to studying in elementary school. First, they learn how to stand and sit, and how to respond and make presentations. When everyone can speak cheerfully, they will understand their friends better. They enjoy things like practicing their numbers and reciting short poems and sentences in a loud voice. During the transitional period from preschool to primary education, focusing on this kind of voluntary demonstration of their work will motivate them and naturally equip them with speaking, listening, seeing, writing.


From grade 2 to 4
From grade 2 to 4, students mainly study life science and social studies through experience-based learning. We'll guide them to explore the day-to-day things around us and investigate and solve the problems. Where relevant, we will expand these into ESD (Education of Sustainable Development). Therefore, the students will not only study by themselves, but will also learn through collaborating with others and communicating their ideas. We aim to enable the students to continue these approaches in day to day life.


"NAKAYOSHI" is a 4-6th grade program where they attend group/club activities, regardless of age.
Comprised of 6 clubs, who want to make their school environment a better place, and 4 clubs that are curiosity-driven and act to deepen their understanding. Students in the grade 4th through 6th are required to attend at least one pre-existing group/club.
This enviornment, where student can communicate without worrying about the age stratification provides a growth in the student's communication skills.
Further, each activity is presented and shared to the whole school, at the upper grade meetings.

Hands-on Learning

We value experience-based learning. Students are motivated to learn through hands-on experiences.
We invite guest teachers to enrich experiences for students. We aim to foster a “rich sense of humanity" through connecting with others.
& Imagination

Creation upon imagination

to form a mental concept without visual aid.


Tamai Method玉井式ロゴ

Enabling students
to find the solution
by using their imagination.
Many students who are not good at math struggle with word problems and geometric shape problems. It is said those students have one thing in common, and that is the lack of "mental imagery ability."
To solve word and figure problems, students need the ability to "build an image" in their head. In order to solve this problem, our school introduced the "Tamai Method." In our lessons, students watch animations, and then proceed to solve the math problems using specialized textbooks. These teaching materials were developed so that children can naturally strengthen their ability to "read the material and imagine the scenario" This way, the students can develop their ability by repeatedly building images in their heads, which leads to accurate comprehension.
KIWAMI AAA+図形の極® 動画のサムネイル

KIWAMI Shapes図形の極ロゴ

Indispensable for geometric
shape problems: Foster your mental
imagery ability.
With KIWAMI Shapes, students can solve shape problems using a computer or tablet. Because this is an individual learning method, students are able to solve the problems at their own pace.
With teaching materials that specialize in geometrical shape problems, students can acquire spatial awareness skills while having fun.
KIWAMI AAA+図形の極® 動画のサムネイル

Utilizing forefront ICT education, and nature.

We utilize not only ICT education such as, iPad, Loilo Note, Zoom to connect with the global world, we also utilize the nature around . There is greenery everywhere, one step out of the classroom and there are patty fields ready to be harvested. And one step out of the the school, and you are surrounded with historic architectures and Mother Nature, which is what makes Kyoto unique. In Nara Ikuei Elementary school, we balance cutting edge "ICT education" and the flourishing "nature" around us to learn.
奈良育英小学校 校長 東 誠司からのメッセージ動画 サムネイル
movie play
We're introducing innovations to our good old traditional school for the 64th anniversary of our school's opening and the 104th anniversary of its founding.
Nara Ikuei Elementary School
Seiji Azuma
奈良育英小学校 グローバル教育推進アドバイザー 玉井 満代からのメッセージ動画 サムネイル
movie play
We would like to foster skills that can only be acquired in the 6 years of elementary school.
Nara Ikuei Elementary School
Vice Principal
Mitsuyo Tamai
奈良育英小学校 小学6年生担任 教務主任 村上 雄一郎からのメッセージ動画 サムネイル
movie play
I am making all efforts to reach the students' potential while cultivating warm relationships with the students.
Nara Ikuei Elementary School
Grade 6 homeroom teacher
Yuichiro Murakami
奈良育英小学校 小学2年生担任 津島 さやか からのメッセージ動画 サムネイル
movie play
I like the sparkle in the students' eyes when I can reach them with engaging lessons.
Nara Ikuei Elementary School
Grade 2 homeroom teacher
Sayaka Tsushima
photo Student Photos
タブレット学習をする生徒 体育の授業も楽しんでいます お弁当の時間も楽しい! 高学年になれば真剣なディベートも行います 自由研究で想像力を刺激されます デジタル黒板だから授業時間を無駄にしない 休み時間はきれいな芝生の運動場で遊びます

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