Nara Ikuei Elementary School(English version & 中国語版)

Nara Ikuei Elementary School is located in the ancient capital city of Nara. Our school is very close to The World heritage site Todaiji Temple and some wonderful scenery.

Our school is a member of UNESCO SCHOOL and studies the local environment to explore various problems in the world, by using the ideas of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development).

Especially, our students are very interested in studying and developing their imagination through the experience and knowledge they have learned in school.

We believe that every child has the potential for learning.

Our school was founded to value student’s individuality and endeavor to help them foster their independence and imagination.

Additionally, children are required to think and act with their own will in global society in the future.

By promoting our education philosophy and global education for children, we hope to foster them to accept and respect diversity in education. By doing so, hope our students will develop a better understanding for communicating with and understanding different cultures.

Children can experience “A great discovery every day!”
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为了更充分的发挥和运用这个环境,加盟了联合国教科文组织,针对全世界面临的问题,我们导入ESD(education for sustainable development)教育理念,培养具有持续性开发能力的,拥有全球视野的,重视人与自然,人与环境的关系的人才。




在此之上,我们要面临全球 整体社会,培养具有自我思考判断能力,有自我意识的行为的人才。